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RUT Server password reset

Michael Lewis, User (Posts: 32)

Sep 25, 2015 10:34:45 am EDT

Hi Conrad,

I understand the premise of having it ask for the password; however, I was thinking that if the person has physical access to the machine then they could disable the function. It doesn't sound like it from how you describe it so I'm hoping for option #2!


If we delete the current address book that is built on the server and create a new one, will the remote clients auto-populate the new book? Do they care or know that they are in address book "XYZ" and I deleted XYZ and created ABC. Will they simply start populating ABC?
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RUT Server password reset

Michael Lewis, User (Posts: 32)

Sep 25, 2015 10:09:02 am EDT

Is there a way to change/reset the password given in "address books settings"?

If I turn off the password, it ask for the old password - which is not available. How can you force reset it OR turn it off without loosing the address book?

Which brings me to another question, if I have to destroy the address book, and create a new one, will the clients register with the new book?

Updating software

Michael Lewis, User (Posts: 32)

Jun 09, 2015 1:12:19 pm EDT

Thanks - that worked exactly as I needed it to

Auto-Update Service

Michael Lewis, User (Posts: 32)

Jun 05, 2015 6:09:46 pm EDT

It would be nice if we could load a version on the RUT server and the host auto-downloads. This would alleviate us trying to "PUSH" a new version and the host can "PULL" a new version when we decide it's ready by placing it on the server. Different folders would indicate MSI or 1-Click.

The viewer Icon could change alerting us of the update and allows us to decide/schedule when to initiate the install... like in the middle of the night. On failure, it rolls-back so we can still connect. Reports status in viewer.

Updating software

Michael Lewis, User (Posts: 32)

Jun 05, 2015 6:03:01 pm EDT

If a client already has RU host installed, can you allow 1-click install to completely install without asking the user to click "OK" at the end? They tend to blow themselves up because they're not paying attention and immediately click "CANCEL/NO" which of course causes us a LOT of grief.

We push this out to clients who are not on a domain and we are not local to them so the remote-install via RU viewer is not compatible due to the varying bandwidth of the end user/users.

Switching between screens

Michael Lewis, User (Posts: 32)

Jun 05, 2015 5:42:52 pm EDT

If you are in "FULL STRETCH" mode and have multiple screens going; how do you switch screens? The only way I see being able to switch screens is by first switching back & clicking on the tabs when in "Normal view".

Minor "Viewing" Bug

Michael Lewis, User (Posts: 32)

May 27, 2015 10:37:49 am EDT

View--> Details -->

Right click on the column headers - this snap-shot I already removed "Ping" from the headers:


Pass-through Authentication

Michael Lewis, User (Posts: 32)

May 27, 2015 10:23:49 am EDT

Can this be added to the suggestion list? The ability to pass the NT password to a host for auto-login; it would save those who are on domains a lot time!


Minor "Viewing" Bug

Michael Lewis, User (Posts: 32)

May 26, 2015 8:29:17 am EDT

1. Choose a host and go into the properties.
2. Add comments under "Additional properties".
3. click on the "View" tab, change to "Detail" (Which is my preferred view)
4. Right-click and un-check "Ping"

Your comments disappear.

I figured out the problem is simply the screen is not updating after the columns shift. If you now click "LARGE ICONS" or any other view under the VIEW tab and then click DETAILS again, it refreshes the screen and the columns line up properly.

Pass-through Authentication

Michael Lewis, User (Posts: 32)

May 25, 2015 11:41:31 am EDT

Maybe I don't understand this feature (using Internet-ID):

Host Side:

Security --> Windows NT --> Add special GROUP from the LOCAL machine named EVERYONE, this  includes all users locally & domain users if the machine is joined to a domain (which it is).

Give the EVERYONE group full control


1. Add a host to the viewer.
2. Properties --> Security --> Add a Password & "Send User Name"
3. Login and I'm prompted for the user/pass.

What are these fields for? Do they pass any information?

A then added the local machines "Users" group to security and no difference.

I'm trying to achieve the ability to just click on a machine without being prompted every time for a user/password.
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