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FR: Advanced Hint Window to right-click

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BartB, User (Posts: 41)

Feb 22, 2018 7:06:39 pm EST

I would like to suggest an option where we can disable the Advanced Hint Window on hover and just have it be accessible on demand from the right click menu? I find that I leave the mouse hovered over the app while I do something else, and it pops up open with the Hint Window on a random agent.

Thank you,
Bart B.

Conrad, Support (Posts: 2495)

Feb 23, 2018 9:16:28 am EST

Hello Bart,

You can already disable the advanced hint window on hover in Viewer options, the View tab.

As for adding it as an on-demand option, I've added this suggestion to our wishlist. Thanks!

BartB, User (Posts: 41)

Feb 23, 2018 2:00:17 pm EST

I know I can disable it. I don't want to lose the functionality by disabling it altogether, just wish it would be relocated so it doesn't activate by accident.

Conrad, Support (Posts: 2495)

Feb 23, 2018 4:06:45 pm EST

Hello Bart,

Of course. No problem. We'll see if we can include this feature in future updates.

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