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Viewer auto-updates connected viewers

Michael Lewis, User (Posts: 32)

Nov 02, 2012 1:00:43 pm EDT

Support level: Free or trial
When using the viewer as a CENTRAL console, multiple operators connect to this viewer with their own logins:

1. The users host list is auto-updated at login. When a new host is added to central console, the viewers are auto-refreshed.
2. User login only allows the user to modify host they are assigned to by site, group, or single host.

Conrad Sallian, Support (Posts: 2491)

Nov 03, 2012 10:34:59 am EDT

Hello Michael,

We are planning to add a fully-fledged address book sync (and also a web account too) in one of the next releases. As for rights management for address book records - that's  also a good idea. We'll see what we can do in this respect.

nikkil, User (Posts: 46)

Nov 23, 2012 10:06:53 am EST

Support level: Free or trial
+1 on this. Would love to see one on it's way.

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