Remote Utilities as a training tool

Hakan Tozkoparan, User (Posts: 1)

Sep 08, 2016 2:27:19 pm EDT

Support level: Free or trial

I have been wanting to ask whether there are any plans on the road map to utilize the tool for Virtual Training?

It has a great advantage of having a ID functionality to be able to control remote computers and view remote computer screens.

It would have been nice if it could have the following features;

- Trainer would have the similar client like it is right now but needs to have functionalities such as;
- Being able to voice/camera chat all monitored and discovered computers at once
- Being able to push a video to all computers fr om the main client ( broadcast video )
- Being able to push a presentation to all computers ( wh ere all discovered assets can see trainers screen) ( broadcast presentation,)
- Being able to push and install remote executable files and not only MSI files
-  Have a place to create exams, live chat with all attendees...
- Have support for mac...

I hope this might give you an idea for the future...

Conrad, Support (Posts: 2589)

Sep 09, 2016 3:21:58 am EDT

Hello Hakan,

Thank you for your post. Yes, do we have certain plans to move in that direction at some point in the future. So we'll definitely consider your ideas.

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