Remote Utilities as a training tool

Hakan Tozkoparan, User (Posts: 1)

Sep 08, 2016 2:27:19 pm EDT


I have been wanting to ask whether there are any plans on the road map to utilize the tool for Virtual Training?

It has a great advantage of having a ID functionality to be able to control remote computers and view remote computer screens.

It would have been nice if it could have the following features;

- Trainer would have the similar client like it is right now but needs to have functionalities such as;
- Being able to voice/camera chat all monitored and discovered computers at once
- Being able to push a video to all computers fr om the main client ( broadcast video )
- Being able to push a presentation to all computers ( wh ere all discovered assets can see trainers screen) ( broadcast presentation,)
- Being able to push and install remote executable files and not only MSI files
-  Have a place to create exams, live chat with all attendees...
- Have support for mac...

I hope this might give you an idea for the future...