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How to remove a host from my registered computers

Jamie Ward, User (Posts: 13)

Apr 08, 2014 7:32:16 am EDT

I purchased a new machine to replace a current local host. Do I need to remove the license fr om the old machine from my account before I can use the new machine. Assuming I'm at my 10 lim it? If so, I can't as I've already wiped the old machine and re-imaged it.

Thank you.

Anton Kalugin, User (Posts: 210)

Apr 08, 2014 12:17:18 pm EDT

Hello, Jamie.

Thank you for your message.

Uninstalling Windows also removes the Host licence. Basically, this is the same thing as unregistration.

Jamie Ward, User (Posts: 13)

Apr 08, 2014 12:43:13 pm EDT

OK. Thanks. How about if I just want to uninstall the host. Is there an unregistration process that needs to be done before hand in order to remove it from my allowed 10 hosts?

Anton Kalugin, User (Posts: 210)

Apr 08, 2014 2:03:44 pm EDT

Follow these steps to unregister the Host:

Right-click on a connection thumbnail->Register remote host->Unregister->OK->OK

Please note, that you will not be able to register this Host with the same license key for 7 days after unregistering. This is done for preventing the abuse.

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