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in viewer cannot sort my icons in any order.

Gus Marsali, User (Posts: 2)

Mar 21, 2014 7:12:16 am EDT

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I cannot sort my host icons in any order after I updated to recent version. It is not in name or IP address order. In the early version the viewer sorts the icons in name order, but now, no orders at all.
Does anyone has the same problem and/or know how to solve it?


Anton Kalugin, User (Posts: 209)

Mar 21, 2014 10:12:50 am EDT

Support level: Free or trial
Hello, Gus.

Thank you for your message.

You can sort your thumbnails. Just right click anywhere inside the General tab, switch to Details view and double click on the name of any column.

Gus Marsali, User (Posts: 2)

Apr 17, 2014 6:53:48 am EDT

Support level: Free or trial
Thank you for the tip.

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