WinPE portable host blank screen/cannot see screen

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Alex P, User (Posts: 1)

Mar 07, 2020 8:44:31 am EST

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I am trying to get the portable host application to work in WinPE 10 and after adding missing .dll files (msacm32.dll and shfolder.dll), I finally got the connection to work... but the screen is completely blank when connecting to the screen of the host. I can move the mouse around but that is about it. Are there specific packages that Remote Utilities needs installed in WinPE to display to the screen? Alternatively, is there a full list of all windows dll files that Remote Utilities requires to have installed for the application to work correctly?

Polina, Support (Posts: 1161)

Mar 10, 2020 3:13:03 pm EDT

Hello Alex,

Thank you for your message.

Could you please clarify if you mean the run-only Agent module?

Could you please try enabling the Use legacy capture mode feature and see if it helps to resolve the black screen issue? In order to enable the feature, please do the following:
1. In the Agent window click on the gear icon and select Advanced settings...
2. Navigate to the Other tab and enable the Use legacy capture mode checkbox

In addition, please also double-check if you have the Monitor driver installed on the Agent's side. If it's installed, please try uninstalling the driver as it's required for the blank screen feature only. You can check if the Monitor driver is installed in the Advanced settings -> Driver tab.
Here's a related KB article that might be helpful.

Please let me know if the solutions above did not help and the issue persists.

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