Re-connecting causes Windows App to Crash

Martin America, User (Posts: 13)

Jul 28, 2019 5:53:30 pm EDT

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I am using Windows 10-64 Professional Ver 1809 with Viewer version to remote into a Windows 10-64 Enterprise LTSC machine with Host Ver
I had a strange problem occur and I have not been able to figure it out. I connected and started the application, Waves LV1 on the host. It is a professional, 64 channel audio mixer used by international touring bands and sound companies. I was testing Remote Utility's ability to reconnect when interrupted by disconnecting and reconnecting the CAT5 cable. When I did so, the program running on the host would crash. The viewer and the host would continue to work just fine. I could restart the program but it would crash every time the signal was interrupted. Next, I tried just shutting down the connection the normal way and reconnecting. That also caused the LV1 program to crash every time. I spent a couple of hours disconnecting (the normal way) and reconnecting and trying to figure it out and I finally discovered that if I did not use Full-Screen Stretch Mode when I connected, it all works just fine! I can connect and disconnect at will. I can unplug the CAT5 Cable and reconnect just fine. I can even switch to stretch mode in the middle of a session and it all still works! I wanted to let you know and ask if this is a known issue. This is a great program. It is much better than anything else that I have tried and I have tried just about all of them. I have been documenting my steps with an LV1 User's Group in hopes that we can find a good solution. So far, your program has ticked all the boxes. Nice work!

Polina, Support (Posts: 1157)

Jul 29, 2019 9:11:38 am EDT

Hello Martin,

Thank you for your kind words!

I passed your report to our developers. We'll certainly take note of this and see what can be done to fix the issue.

Let me know if you have more questions.

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