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Mouse not working on specific area

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Michael -, User (Posts: 8)

Mar 16, 2019 10:09:15 am EDT

Support level: Free or trial
I got a strange problem, if i connect to my other PC I noticed I could not click on a button, I didnt understand why. Then i realized there is a specific area the mouse just wont work when connecting with Remote Utilities. Just to confirm I tested it with a different remote tool and everything worked.

Can anyone explain this? The whole area on the screenshot will be ignored by RemoteUtilities. I can move the mouse there, but clicking it wont recognize.
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Polina Krasnoborceva, Support (Posts: 693)

Mar 18, 2019 9:40:13 am EDT

Hello Michael,

Thank you for your message.

The issue might be caused by an antivirus or a firewall software having a self-protection feature enabled. This feature prevents the software settings to be manipulated remotely and it might be the reason that prevents mouse-clicks from working.
Please refer to the related article in our Knowledge Base: https://www.remoteutilities.com/support/kb/cannot-edit-antivirus-software-settings-remotely/

Hope that helps.

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