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MSI Configurator question

Mike G, User (Posts: 33)

Jan 22, 2019 9:48:09 am EST

Hi Conrad,
It used to be that to run the MSI Configurator, you had to uninstall the host from the PC you were using to build the MSI. Is this still true for the online configurator option?


Conrad Sallian, Support (Posts: 2616)

Jan 22, 2019 11:18:20 am EST

Hello Mike,

For the online option you can simply stop the Host and that should suffice. For the legacy option though you must still uninstall the Host because it uses msiexec locally on your computer.

Hope that helps.

Mike G, User (Posts: 33)

Jan 23, 2019 4:26:25 am EST

Thanks Conrad.

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