RDP over ID is coming with version 5.4

As you have probably noticed, there is an RDP connection mode in Remote Utilities. You can use the Viewer as an RDP client and connect to an RDP server using a direct IP connection. This ability is very handy for those administrators who may wish to use RDP instead of Remote Utilities in some circumstances.

We are moving one step further with the upcoming version 5.4. Now administrators will be able to establish an RDP connection over the Internet using our Internet ID feature. The process will be simple and straightforward – just use the ID of the remote computer and its access password as you would normally, only select the RDP mode instead of the Remote Utilities connection mode. You can even switch to the native Windows RDP client instead of Remote Utilities Viewer, in which case Remote Utilities will act as a transport for the RDP-over-Internet connection.

For this feature to work you will have to install Remote Utilities Host on the remote computer. This is because Remote Utilities acts as a transport for RDP-over-ID connection, and therefore needs both components installed (Viewer and Host). The data is transmitted over an encrypted channel, and your passwords are always safe since there is no change in security.

RDP-over-ID adds even more power to the existing toolset of Remote Utilities. We hope that this long-awaited feature will prove especially useful to system administrators who occasionally need quick and simple RDP access to their remote PCs when they are not directly accessible by an IP address.

Oct 9, 2012 Conrad news, rdp
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