Where do you start building your network? The process can be quite intimidating at first, since there are so many different pieces of hardware and software to focus on. But once you take the time to learn about the elements of a network installation, you’ll find that it’s really not very hard to understand at all. Here’s a brief review of the hardware essentials to setting up a network. Once you’re familiar with these, getting started should be a breeze.

The Network Hub

A hub looks like nothing more than a small rectangular box, but it is one of the most essential pieces of hardware your network can have. The hub is what joins all computers on the network together, serving as the central point where data is sent to and received fr om the Internet at large. A network hub isn’t all that different from a major airport hub. An airport hub receives passengers from many smaller airports and then routes them to their destinations across the world. In the case of a network, the passengers are packets of information coming from your network, and they get rerouted to their destination online. A hub is a simple but essential device that uses a standard wall outlet for power.