Support Policy


1.1. In this support policy we describe what you can expect from us regarding technical support for Remote Utilities and Remote Utilities Server.

1.2. By requesting technical support from us you agree to this Support Policy.

1.3. We encourage you to search through our Documentation, Knowledge Base and Community Forum before you send a support request — your issue may have already been addressed and a solution may be available.

1.4. We reserve the right to amend this support policy without prior notice. You are advised to check this page to ensure that you are aware of any changes.

1.5. We provide technical support in EST timezone; from 9:00am to 5:00pm, Monday to Friday only.

Support levels

2.1. If you are our customer your support level/priority is determined by your license type.

Priority Licenses covered Avg. first response time1 Tickets Forum
    SITE ~ 1 hour
   PRO and ENDPOINT ~ 2 hours
  MINI ~ 4 hours
STARTER ~ 8 hours
FREE and Trial up to 24 hours

2.2. If you upgrade your license type (e.g. from Starter to Mini, or from Mini to Pro) your support level upgrades as well.

2.3. Our technical support is free for all support levels.

1 Average response time is the time within which you can expect a reply from us during working hours and working days of the week (Mon-Fri). We do our best, however, to respond to your requests as fast as we can.

Reseller support

3.1. Reseller support is provided to our resellers who purchase and resell Remote Utilities licenses.

3.2. Reseller support is only provided via the Ticket System. Reseller accounts cannot post on the community forum. Resellers can access their tickets via the Partner area.

3.3. Resellers are eligible for remote support through Remote Utilities or another remote control software if needed.

3.4. Reseller support requests are prioritized over Free and Trial support requests.

Support channels

4.1. We only provide our technical support through the Community Forum and Ticket System.

4.2. We provide technical support in the English language only. Support requests sent in other languages will be answered in English. We do not guarantee the accuracy of our answers if the inintial support request was sent in a language other than English.

4.3. We do NOT provide technical support through direct e-mail, live chat, social accounts (Facebook, Twitter etc.) or over the phone.

4.4. In order to post on the Community Forum and send requests via the Ticket System customers must register on our website. The registration is free.

4.5. If your email address used for site registration is the same as the delivery email address that you specified in your order, the system will recognize your support level automatically. If you use a different email address you will need to enter your paid license key in your account. You only need to apply the license key in your account once.

4.6. Tickets always have priority over community forum posts. If you are eligible for support via the Ticket system you are advised to submit a ticket instead of posting on the forum for faster response.

What our support service covers

5.1. We only support Remote Utilities and Remote Utilities Server. This includes assistance with product installation, configuration and use as well as providing solutions to known problems and registering new bugs.

5.2. If we can reproduce a found issue (bug) in our testing laboratory we will do our best to fix the bug as soon as possible. The ETA may depend on the difficulty and urgency of the bug.

5.3. For newly found bugs we will do our best to recommend at least a temporary solution or workaround.

What our support service does NOT cover

6.1. We do not assist in resolving network and/or system administration issues. To resolve such issues, please contact your system administrator.

6.2. We do not assist in resolving hardware issues or issues with third-party software. Please, contact the relevant hardware/software vendor.

6.3. Remote Utilities is self-suffucient stand-alone software provided "as is". We do not assist in writing scripts/codes or implementing integration of Remote Utilities with other software.

6.4. Our assistance with antivirus software related issues is limited. If Remote Utilities is falsely detected and/or removed from your system by antivirus software, please contact the antivirus software vendor. We do not have direct control over how Remote Utilities is treated by third-party security software.

Version support

7.1. We name our releases in the following format: Major.Minor.Subminor.Patch. For example, version

7.2. We support the latest major version. Upgrading to the latest minor/patch is highly recommended before you send your support request. The issue you are having may have already been fixed in the latest update/patch.

Remote support

8.1. In some cases a remote support session may be necessary to speed up diagnosing the problem.

8.2. Remote support is only provided to customers with a commercial license and to resellers.

8.3. Remote support is provided using either Remote Utilities or a third-party remote control software of our choice.

8.4. If Remote Utilities cannot be used for diagnosing certain issues, our support assistant will suggest another remote support software.

8.5. Only use the Ticket System to give us your remote access credentials. Your connection with our site is SSL-secured and your data will be safe.

8.6. DO NOT share/post your access credentials or any other sensitive information or images on the Community Forum. The forum is not pre-moderated and your sensitive information may end up in wrong hands.

This support policy is effective from February 6, 2018. Last updated March 28, 2020.

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