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Ryan Annear, User (Posts: 8)

Nov 04, 2015 12:21:51 pm EST

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After upgrading all of our host computers to Version, we are experiencing a major bug with using the full control mode when remoting into the machines. Any PC that I remote into seems to lock the users ability to move their cursor out out of a certain real estate on their screen. My first thought was maybe I locked down their mouse use with the new MSI package, but double checked the options and it revealed that nothing changed from the last version (That worked). The end user can move their mouse in a small area, but then it is locked from moving it any further, and so far the only workaround that seems to work is deselecting the Full Control option. Any help would be much appreciated.

Conrad Sallian, Support (Posts: 2591)

Nov 04, 2015 4:23:41 pm EST

Hello Ryan,

Thank you for your message. A couple of questions:

1. Do you also have the Viewer the same version (i.e. as the Hosts?

2. What is the operating system on both ends?

3. Did you alter  any default options in the connection properties, if yes - which ones?

Looking forward to your reply.

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