Wake on Lan trouble

Stacy Douglas, User (Posts: 2)

Nov 28, 2018 7:13:06 pm EST

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A fellow business is attempting to use RU to control their PCs from one computer. We set one up, but Wake-On-Lan isn't functioning correctly.

We use RU in our own business, with no problems whatsoever, and it's a fantastic system, but when we set it up the same way for the other business, we can use all the functions, except for WOL. It is set up to connect over the LAN with a direct connection, and we have verified it is something to do with RU because we were able to wake the computer with Fing on our phone, and WakeMeOnLan on the same computer the viewer is installed on.

Anything I can check that I might have missed?


Conrad Sallian, Support (Posts: 2591)

Nov 29, 2018 2:03:19 pm EST

Hello Stacy,

Thank you for your message.

In order for Remote Utilities WoL feature to work, the following requirements must be met:

1. The Host is in direct visibility to Viewer over LAN. Viewer and Host must be on the same LAN subnet because WoL magic packet, generally, isn't routeable across subnets by definition.

2. You must connect from Viewer to Host at least once so that the Viewer could derive and cache the MAC address of the Host.

If the problem persists it could be caused by a bug that we have already found in the most recent version and this is going to be fixed in the nearest subminor update.

Stacy Douglas, User (Posts: 2)

Nov 29, 2018 7:47:11 pm EST

Support level: Free or trial
Hello Conrad,

Both requirements are good to go, we have both computers on the same /24 subnet, and the computer has been connected to by the viewer before.

I can get details or log files if you would like, just let me know.


Conrad Sallian, Support (Posts: 2591)

Nov 30, 2018 3:46:03 am EST

Hi Stacy,

Then the issue might be caused by the bug that I mentioned earlier. This will be fixed in the upcoming update.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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