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Remote Utilities simplifies secure and reliable remote access for businesses and individuals. Explore our range of powerful features designed to meet your specific needs.

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Connect from anywhere, everywhere

In establishing your connection, Remote Utilities remains consistent in the culture of offering you the convenience of options. You could set up a fast and direct connection between the Host and Viewer via the IP address or DNS name without the need for a relay server.

You could also establish a connection over the internet and bypass the tedious configurations it requires via an Internet-ID connection. You are free to choose between our routing servers and your self-hosted server for Internet-ID connection.

Unattended and attended access

You can have unrestricted 24/7/365 access to a computer with no one else at the remote end. With administrative privileges on the remote computer, you can install the Host, making unattended access possible.

Our Agent app helps you explore the option of attended access with someone at the remote end.

Connection mode for every situation

The available connection modes offer you the liberty to set operations from the remote PC to your convenience.

You could set the session to a Full Control and View mode to allow you to control the desktop, mouse pointer, and keyboard of a remote computer. The File Transfer mode allows copying files from both terminals. And with the Power Control mode, you have access to the Restart and Shutdown commands of the remote PCs.

Address book to keep you organized

When you have multiple remote computers spanning different cities and countries, it becomes necessary to organize and group them. The individual connection properties of these remote PCs in the address book make sorting them easy.

Strong security and 2-factor authentication

As you would expect, formidable security is the proper foundation to guard the cutting-edge features and benefits the Remote Utilities software offers. The software provides:

  • Multiple authentication methods you could deploy to grant or deny access to a remote Host.
  • Data transfer encryption that uses the industry-standard TLS protocol.
  • 2-factor authentication offers an extra layer of protection for your Hosts and prevents unauthorized access even when someone correctly guesses your password.

MSI Configurator for mass deployment

The whole idea of Remote Utilities is to make your remote operations as easy as possible. Given that, we wouldn't allow the deployment of our software or its accessories to become a tedious task. Thus, the Remote Utilities software offers the MSI configurator tool to enable the pre-configuration of Host and Agent modules for mass installation.

Self-hosted server

With this module, you can make Remote Utilities yours by choosing to route your Internet-ID connection via a self-controlled machine instead of our company routing servers.

In addition to this incredible routing choice, Remote Utilities self-hosted server allows you to sync address books among multiple technicians, use an additional authentication method and centrally manage the license keys.

Active Directory support

This feature exploits the Remote Utilities servers to integrate our software and Active Directory. With this union, you no longer have to deal with the challenge of manually importing computers into the address book on a schedule. It also solves the problem of editing the connection properties of Active Directory items from the Viewer.

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