Upgrade your Remote Utilities 6.x.x.x

Starting the 1st of February 2022, the Internet-ID connection via our hosted servers for free license users of Remote Utilities 6.x.x.x will be disabled. If you want to keep using Remote Utilities for free, please upgrade to version 7.

If physically accessing your remote Hosts for upgrade is not possible, use this solution.

Paid license users are NOT affected. If you have a paid license—version 6 or version 7—please disregard this announcement. You can keep using whatever version you currently have.

How to upgrade

  1. Follow this guide to upgrade Viewer and Host/Hosts.
  2. Generate a new free license key on this page.
  3. Apply the new license key in your Viewer as described here.

Questions and answers

Q: Can I still use Remote Utilities for free?

A: Yes, absolutely. You just need to upgrade Remote Utilities to version 7, generate a new free license key and register your Viewer.

Q: Why do you force this upgrade?

A: We want to reduce the illegitimate use (or should we say – abuse?) of our software by malware builders.

Q: Will my existing address books and connections remain intact after the upgrade?

A: Yes. If you strictly follow our instructions, your Viewer data will be carried over to the new installation.

Q: Can’t I just purchase a commercial key and use it with my version 6.x.x.x?

A: Unfortunately, you cannot. We no longer sell license keys for version 6.x.x.x. Even if you purchase a license, you will have to use it with version 7.

I need help

Feel free to post your questions and comments on our community forum.

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