Per Operator

Our per operator licensing model allows your operators or technicians to access an unlimited number of remote PCs, allowing you to choose a plan based on however many concurrent operators you might have at your company.

Per operator license

This model is made for companies with a high number of remote PCs that need attention, particularly if this number is unknown — you don’t have to worry about going over your limit, because there is no limit! It’s perfect for groups of technicians who need to access and manage a large number of remote PCs at once, with no distinction in licensing between unattended and attended remote machines.

License terms

  • The number of concurrent operators is limited to the purchased number of licenses.
  • The number of end-points (Hosts and Agents) each operator can remote into is unlimited.
  • The number of concurrent sessions from an operator workstation is unlimited.
  • You can install the operator module (Viewer) on any number of workstations. Only concurrently-working Viewers count against your license.
  • All program features are available.

Possible usage scenario

Let’s say you have five technicians at your company, each supporting hundreds of remote customers. You could purchase a license key usable for five operators, and immediately your technicians can work simultaneously with an unlimited number of remote PCs at no additional charge. You can always add more operators in the future by simply purchasing additional licenses.


Starts at $499 per operator. Volume discounts available.

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