WinNT security functionality failure - viewer can no longer long on

Justin Park, User (Posts: 1)

Oct 21, 2016 9:35:11 am EDT

Hi there All,

I've been using RUT for some time now - ever since  [censored] decided their free-forever basic service would no longer be free. In that time I've been using WinNT authentication on my hosts to authentication AD-based users - in the course of the past week this stopped working - I suspect a Windows Upd ate approved and applied through WSUS.

I've tested with three different instances, each with host computer and user joined to the same domain (each in different forests without trusts). In each case the viewer (multiple separate installs) is unable to log on.

From the host log file:
21.10.2016---10:15:33:633 35 Password is incorrect or error occurs.

I've not managed to locate any related events in the various domain controller or host Security event logs.

To work around this we've had to switch over to using Remote Utilities security which of course means creating a master password and user accounts (another se t of credentials per user) on each host.

Has anyone else run into this issue? Is the Usoris team aware of such a problem?

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