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DIYRadio ., User (Posts: 1)

Jul 27, 2014 1:35:05 am EDT

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Is there an address book, all I can find is a blank to "enter your partner's ID or IP address"
If not, an address book with the ability to import exported connections from the desktop would be number 2 on my wishlist (right after a way to enter alt-control-delete on a locked remote screen).

Anton Kalugin, User (Posts: 209)

Jul 28, 2014 11:18:37 am EDT

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There is no such feature right now. But we will consider it and possibly add to our wish list.

Don't hesitate to ask me, if you have any questions.

Anton Kalugin, User (Posts: 209)

Oct 27, 2014 9:57:41 am EDT

Support level: Free or trial
Hello DIYRadio,

We are glad to inform you that the new version for mobile devices is now available!
Here you can read more about it.
Here you can find download links.

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