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Remote Utilities - Idle or Offline After restart

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Riz Khan, User (Posts: 1)

Mar 28, 2018 6:01:56 am EDT

Support level: Free or trial
Hi All

Please can you help in fixing an issue with Remote Utilities software I have. The software is installed to allow connection from a local PC to a remote PC.

After a restart the Software fails to connect giving error 'Idle or Offline'. It takes another restart for software to connect. I have looked through the logs and its keep showing errors:
Exception: Socket Error # 10054 Connection reset by peer. (EIdSocketError).
Exception: Access violation at address 008C5A68 in module 'rutserv.exe'. Read of address 00000030 (EAccessViolation).

Conrad, Support (Posts: 2491)

Mar 28, 2018 12:11:43 pm EDT

Hello Riz,

Please, update your Remote Utilities installations - Viewer and Host/Hosts. You can download the most recent version from here https://www.remoteutilities.com/download/

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