Self-Hosted Server - recover from backup

Tyson Day, User (Posts: 2)

Jan 07, 2018 6:24:21 pm EST

Hi RU community

Our server which was hosting the RU Self-Hosted (relay and address book sync) gave up the ghost over the weekend so we're having to stand up a new server and recover fr om file-level backups.

Ideally I was hoping that we'd be able to reinstall RU Self-Hosted Server and pull it's datastore/settings/addressbook/users etc off backup and restore them, but to be honest I don't know wh ere it's datastore is, can somebody point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance!

Conrad, Support (Posts: 2589)

Jan 07, 2018 6:39:43 pm EST

Hello Tyson,

To migrate your address book(s) and sync settings, copy the contents of this folder:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Remote Utilities - Server\data
to the same location in the new installation. You can also copy the Logs and Stat folders if you need the logs.

As for relay, actually there's nothing to migrate there because the relay function is not supposed to save and keep any data. In this role the server simply forwards remote access packets.  

Hope that helps.

Conrad, Support (Posts: 2589)

Jan 07, 2018 6:40:34 pm EST

A bit later we'll add a documentation article on server migration.

Tyson Day, User (Posts: 2)

Jan 07, 2018 6:54:22 pm EST

Hi Conrad,

Absolute Legend! That did the trick brilliantly, we're back up and running barely an hour later without batting an eyelid.

Thanks heaps for your quick answer

Conrad, Support (Posts: 2589)

Jan 07, 2018 6:56:19 pm EST

You are welcome :)

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