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MJ Storm, User (Posts: 2)

Aug 30, 2019 10:01:23 am EDT

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Hi Looking to move from our current remote connect solution to remote utilites.
i have setup the auth sever at home for testing, using my domain and forward the port to the server.

i can get it to work from the office (not using a proxy server in the main office). but when i try to connect from offsite. i enter the server info. enter the username and password. say's signing in then nothing the add user window never opens. i checked the logs and there nothing in them very basic. see log info below

i have entered the proxy server info on the host, i can connect using id-connection, i have disabled the windows 2012 firewall and the esxi firewall, i have used port scanner to make sure the port (50001) is open. 443 is closed on all offsites. as you can see the log tells me nothing. is there a different log or can i increase the amount of data that is logged.
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Polina, Support (Posts: 1156)

Aug 30, 2019 2:50:20 pm EDT

Hello MJ,

Thank you for your message.

Could you please clarify if you have also changed the port in the Server manager on the Manage tab in the Viewer?
Custom Security Server - 30 Aug 2019 01:42:10
If not, please try changing the port, as the information about the port for signing in to the server is taken from the Server manager window.

Please let me know if the issue persists.

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