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Host randomly freezes when in 'full control' mode.

Anthony Johnston, User (Posts: 1)

May 19, 2020 11:26:39 pm EDT

Support level: Free or trial
Was perfect on an older release for a good year..  updated to 6.x? started having issues.. now at latest ver.
Re-installed at both ends.
If I sel ect RDP instead of 'Full control' it works flawlessly .. no freezes
If I select 'Full control' it works for 10-15 minutes fine.. then at some point it freezes, mouse moves but host is unresponsive. closing and opening viewer doesn't help. loggoin out and back in doesn't help..
You CAN send a ctrl/alt/del and it returns with the menu.. you can select say 'task manager' and it appears.. but mouse/kbd still unresponsive..  Clock on host is still ticking over on the viewer screen.. so screen is still actively being displayed..  tried viewing fr om a different PC.. same deal.
removed AV software to test.. still happens (have put back on now)
if I re-connect as RDP session.. it is alive and working fine again..
I can then disconnect RDP session and re-connect as 'Full control' and it's fine till next hang..
Some setting in the new version?  a bug?
please advise..
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