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EOIeException error in Run Only Agent

neil wood, User (Posts: 1)

Jan 19, 2020 5:00:51 pm EST

I have installed Host 6.10 successfully on WIN10 HOME computer. However I needed to reinstall it and am now getting the error "Exception EOleException in module rutserv.exe at  00151C47. The system cannot find the file specified
19-01-2020_21:36:31#T:Installation is started.
19-01-2020_21:36:34#T:Installation is started.
19-01-2020_21:36:34#T:Old version not found
19-01-2020_21:36:36#T:MSI file: C:\Users\simco\AppData\Local\Temp\RUT_{752D57FD-3F5F-4E34-A4DA-433100894657}\installer.msi
19-01-2020_21:37:26#T:SilentInstall: installation 69110
19-01-2020_21:37:26#T:SilentInstall: NTSetPrivilege:SE_DEBUG_NAME:false. OK
19-01-2020_21:37:26#T:SilentInstall: service found, removing
19-01-2020_21:37:29#T:SilentInstall: CreateService. OK
19-01-2020_21:37:29#T:SilentInstall: finished
19-01-2020_21:40:31#T:msiexec exit code: 1602
19-01-2020_21:40:31#T:Error 78: #Unable to install.
Edited:neil wood - Jan 19, 2020 5:20:58 pm EST
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