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Problems with Bluetooth keyboard and Ctrl key

Luis Navarro, User (Posts: 1)

Jun 29, 2019 3:08:24 pm EDT

I'm using the RU app on an Android 8.1 tablet to connect to a Windows 8.1 system.

I've now added a Bluetooth keyboard to the tablet and it works great with RU *except* the Ctrl key apparently doesn't get transmitted to the Windows system.  For example, if I'm typing in Notepad and type Ctrl-S, the Ctrl key gets ignored and Notepad adds an "s" at the current cursor location.

If I use the RU app menu to briefly enable the Ctrl modifier, I can get Ctrl-S to work but it's a pain.

I've verified the Ctrl key is working correctly and is detected by the Android tablet by using it successfully in the stock Android "Memo" app.

Is there a way to get the app to pass through the Ctrl key?
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