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Windows 10 update KB4103721 black screen (ver 1803)

Chuck Wagner, User (Posts: 5)

May 23, 2018 11:39:16 am EDT

I worked around this by enabling "Use Legacy Capture Mode" in the host options. Not sure what performance impact is has, but it resolved the black screen issue.

(public ID server) Connections Constantly Dropping

Chuck Wagner, User (Posts: 5)

Apr 09, 2018 6:45:04 am EDT

Using the Public Server I was able to maintain a remote connection overnight for over 12 hours, something that I could never do before, so it looks like the fix is working!

(public ID server) Connections Constantly Dropping

Chuck Wagner, User (Posts: 5)

Apr 05, 2018 7:48:35 am EDT

Will there be a patch available for the self hosted server also? It seems the same issue happens with it also.

Frequent disconnects

Chuck Wagner, User (Posts: 5)

Aug 04, 2017 8:56:07 am EDT


I have been testing RU for some time and it appears that it has difficulties maintaining a constant connection. I will have a remote session going and after 5-10 minutes the viewer will freeze and I will get a connection issue but it always reconnects right away when i re-initiate it. As a test, I also have also tried a  [censored] remote session and a standard RDP and neither will lose connection throughout the day.

Is there a setting to define a timeout value for the disconnect or another setting I am missing? I really dig RU but the frequency of disconnects is making it difficult to use.


Host Version:
Viewer Version:
RU Server Version: 2.6 [2603]
Host OS: Windows 7
Viewer OS: Windows 10 Pro

Agent with option to send Internet ID caused website to be flagged as dangerous

Chuck Wagner, User (Posts: 5)

Jul 15, 2017 11:48:58 pm EDT

I created a custom Agent Package with my company logo and used "Send Internet-ID to Email" and copied this up to my website for ease of download. After about 2 hours my site was flagged as a phishing site by Google and Avast. I am 100% sure the Agent caused this as I have removed it from my site and requested a site review from google. Any way to prevent this from happening?
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