Frequent disconnects

Chuck Wagner, User (Posts: 2)

Aug 04, 2017 8:56:07 am EDT


I have been testing RU for some time and it appears that it has difficulties maintaining a constant connection. I will have a remote session going and after 5-10 minutes the viewer will freeze and I will get a connection issue but it always reconnects right away when i re-initiate it. As a test, I also have also tried a TeamViewer remote session and a standard RDP and neither will lose connection throughout the day.

Is there a setting to define a timeout value for the disconnect or another setting I am missing? I really dig RU but the frequency of disconnects is making it difficult to use.


Host Version:
Viewer Version:
RU Server Version: 2.6 [2603]
Host OS: Windows 7
Viewer OS: Windows 10 Pro

Agent with option to send Internet ID caused website to be flagged as dangerous

Chuck Wagner, User (Posts: 2)

Jul 15, 2017 11:48:58 pm EDT

I created a custom Agent Package with my company logo and used "Send Internet-ID to Email" and copied this up to my website for ease of download. After about 2 hours my site was flagged as a phishing site by Google and Avast. I am 100% sure the Agent caused this as I have removed it from my site and requested a site review from google. Any way to prevent this from happening?