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Marc Mercer, User (Posts: 2)

Apr 16, 2017 1:29:10 am EDT

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Already responded in the other thread, but so far the company has succeeded in doing *exactly* the opposite of what you indicate is the intention here on the forums, Conrad.  The original post that brings up the mac viewer is *3* years old at this point, and even back then (in 2014), a timeline of 'within a year' was suggested.  Then it became "after 6.5"  "after 6.6".

As I said in the other post, at this point, transparency will be absolutely critical to determining if RU is the type of company that I would even consider suggesting to the team at work to fill the needs we have.  Unfortunately, I do not have much confidence that RU has any idea *how* to be transparent.  Even without telling us dates or etas, you could just as easily show the public what your priorities are and gather feedback *fr om the public* to see just how serious a feature needed really is.  Given that this one goes back 3 years, would be quite entertaining if there were a way of finding out how many customers you have actually lost *due to support* for OSX.

Right now, as a company you seem to be stuck in the same place that MSFT was under ballmer, wh ere you don't want to acknowledge the existence of other OSes.  You already support Android and IOS for viewer, but not OSX proper?  That's backwards.  Especially since the OSes are vastly different, so someone had to make a 'roadmap' call on which was more important, iphone/ipad viewer support or macbook air/pro viewer support.  I don't know about you, but only a salesperson could convince someone that using their phone would be more effective than using their Air or Pro to interact with a remote machine.  Mobile works, but should not be viewed as an all in replacement for the tools that the IT and 'Operator' staff would likely be using.

mac viewer?

Marc Mercer, User (Posts: 2)

Apr 16, 2017 1:12:35 am EDT

Support level: Free or trial
Given the age of this ticket and the earlier 'suggestions' of timeline for at minimal a viewer, even if you can't promise a timeline, a bit more transparency would be greatly appreciated.  I was thrilled to have found this product, but unfortunately, without mac viewer support, can't recommend it for use right now.  I come to the forums and I see a post about this back in 2014 that talks about the next year.... and that same story repeats every year for 3 years?  That does not raise much confidence for potential customers and clients.

Without giving us 'expectations' of an actual date, why not tell us (in a blog post, in SOMETHING), where the progress *is* at with it, what the obstacles currently are preventing it, opening it up to beta testing and user feedback registration for when that time comes, etc?

Transparency would be highly valuable in a case like this where the current indication is 'its coming, we've told you for three years its coming... but we can't say when!'

That's no better than simple click-bait.

Here's to hoping for more information soon.
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