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Problems with right mouse click

Jim Cain, User (Posts: 4)

Dec 29, 2015 1:03:52 pm EST


Email sent. Can I get in idea of when you will be accessing my computer?


Keep screen saver from kicking in/locking

Jim Cain, User (Posts: 4)

Dec 29, 2015 12:18:49 pm EST

Add my vote FOR this also. There are periods where I am not using the Host computer but I do not want the lock screen to activate with non use. I use other remote programs and no matter how long I have a Host computer minimized, when I focus back on it, the Host screen is right where I left it.

I am new to Remote Utilities and am currently evaluating it for further use. So far I am very impressed. It just needs some minor tweaks.

Problems with right mouse click

Jim Cain, User (Posts: 4)

Dec 29, 2015 11:58:08 am EST

Thank you Conrad for the very quick reply.

I tried your method but it still did not work for me. Here is a link to a video showing you what I am experiencing:

I am using an Iphone 6 with 9.2 iOS. I am connecting to both Windows 10 and Windows 7 machines at this point and using Microsoft Word 2007 and 2010.

Thank you again!

Problems with right mouse click

Jim Cain, User (Posts: 4)

Dec 28, 2015 11:09:31 pm EST

It is common for me to need to copy and paste and item in Word or other Windows applications. I can use the IOS finger options to highlight the text via drag but when you tap and hold for the right mouse click option, the pop up screen opens and then closes right away not giving enough time to actually copy the highlighted text.

I also use  [censored] and [censored] and they seem to have developed a little better regarding this issue. [censored] has a small mouse button you can touch to toggle between left and right mouse clicks. [censored] uses a similar tap/hold system as yours but if you hover the pointer close to the highlighted text and then tap/hold, the right mouse pop up opens and stays open so you can move the pointer and sel ect an option fr om the box.

Anybody else have this issue or possibly a technique to be able to copy and paste?  (I tried CRTL C then CTRL V. No luck either)

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