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Is there a Host api?

Jeremy C, User (Posts: 4)

Jun 18, 2015 10:46:28 pm EDT

Exploring that option.  ;)

Coming from logmein n teamviewer

Jeremy C, User (Posts: 4)

Jun 18, 2015 10:38:55 pm EDT

Have had support conversations with Conrad and also his reply to Isth.

My issue with default Server for Internet Connection iD is I am in Australia. And since we are an island DOWNUNDER somewhere in the neaderthal, the undesea interlink is oversaturated. Internal (aus network) is slow with SKYHIGH bandwidth cost.

Also this explains my situation

Currently, our intermediary servers are optimized for the US and Canada, but we'll expand our geography soon.

And since RU is generous (FREE  :D  :D ), everything is OK when I install our own RU Server.

Very happy chappy for now..  8)

It is time for me to ask for a pay raise :)

Wholly support your request, let me know your presidents email  ;)
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Is there a Host api?

Jeremy C, User (Posts: 4)

Jun 16, 2015 4:50:43 am EDT

Is there or will there be or can we put into nice to have - a Host/Viewer/Server api.

Coming from logmein n teamviewer

Jeremy C, User (Posts: 4)

Jun 16, 2015 2:07:41 am EDT

As an IT Engineer, coming from  [censored] (paid subs) and [censored] (going to pay but too expensive), I must say that this is a great Remote Utility.

However, I had a little issue when I first tried it.
1. Set up the Host with default internet iD for connection. I can add the host to my Viewer but could not connect to it. Everytime I double click to connect, icon would change to hourglass and then return to offline. After about an hour scouring the manuals and this forum, trying everything, I gave up. Uninstalled via RevoUninstaller to completely ERADICATE it from mine and the remote PC.

2. I then installed google desktop and was quite satisfied BUT I could not create Groups or provide access to another user. But that got me out of  [censored] and tv for time being.

3. Spent another two 12hr days researching and finally testing Zoho and Splashtop. There were issues. Their tech was unfriendly with no sense of pride/knowledge in the answers they provide. Its just a job for them.

4. 3rd day a fellow IT dev call to say he has a problem with a mutual client. He is also moving away from  [censored] and tv.

I then decided to give RU another go. This time installing the RUServer to get local internet iD.

However, I spent about 30-60mins before I could get a connection through. I needed both RUServer and Host to be on same PC. Reading the manuals and trying all sorts of port forwarding and connections.

Manuals as far as manulas go, even on RU, I guess it needs more time and thought put into it in writing from a third perspective and not the developer.

Tried all sorts of combinations. Once I knew what RU wanted, its plain sailing. I then proceeded to install a few hosts. Even tried installing a host on another server from another branch located in another suburb. It all went well. Had enough for the day.

Today spent another 4 hours on it (or rather through it) because client had an issue with their emails. Used the file transfer option. I must say its better than tv because it allowed me to perform without actually needing to remote into the host. This helps to cut down internet bandwidth.

Now I'm more confident of what RU needed, I installed host for internet iD via default RU servers. It worked (dont know what happen when I first tried).

As a tech, I'm old-skool. Customer service comes first and I do not like a lot of junk on clients PC. If I am going to run a software on it for my benefit, in this case remote login, I'd prefer as small a footprint as possible. Tv had a bigger footprint than  [censored] . Tv's interface is ugly. logmein's interface is clean.

RU's interface is even cleaner, not modern but clean.

Only snag is speed of screen draw.  [censored] is fastest then tv. RU is similar to VNC/ms RDP.
I guess when more users contribute some funds to RU, they will improve.

In summary, Remote Utilities is a great replacement. To be honest and not in anyway downgrading RU's usability, RU is akin to an early 2000 app in its look and feel. BUT everything works, I say works with a caveat that in any software app there are bugs and incompatibilities depending on how clean the machine is, its installed on.

To me functionality is more important than looks. So kudos to RU.

Oh I must add this, from answers (he gave to me)and his reply in this forum, Conrad Sallian as compared to the other tech support of the other remote logins apps, is Right-on the ball with answers to questions. He is polite without being arrogant about his knowledge and respectful of other users skills and knowledge.

So for those of you coming from  [censored] and tv, RU may be your answer. Functionality and price is right, one off with 40% off upgrades, this is a great loyalty discount. You don't get that with others. :D 8)

As much as I like free stuff, as they say on torrents, please seeeed. For RU, PLEASE pay some money so we would have a greater product then  [censored] . If you are using free licence consider making a donation. We are techies charging money for our time, reciprocate a portion to RU as well.

Happy remoting.. :)
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