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Host shows logging in then goes idle or offline

newremoteuser2015, User (Posts: 3)

Mar 03, 2016 12:54:48 am EST

Support level: Free or trial
Vewier version:  Running Windows 7 Professional on Optiplex desktop.
Host version:  Running Windows 10 Professional on Dell Latitude 3150 laptop.

I can generally log into the host at first.  Then if I logoff or lose the connection (see the trying to reconnect message) after that it was say "logging on" for 10 seconds or so and then go to "idle or offline".
Often if I restart the host it starts to work again.  This is not just with this hosts on this machine and operating system but it happens on other hosts running windows 8, 7, or even XP, though it seems like the xp machines are more stable.

Thanks for any help you can give me,
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I don't see some popup windows on host and often can't copy and paste from viewer to host

newremoteuser2015, User (Posts: 3)

Apr 15, 2015 11:38:19 am EDT

Support level: Free or trial
Thank you for your reply.  I think the popup problem is resolved.

As for the copy/paste problem:

1. It depends on the contents/application. Are you only copying text/rich text, or images and files also?

I'm only interested in pasting text or rich text into the remote host.  All machines are at Remote Utilities In my test case below I tried to paste plain text fr om WordPad into WordPad.

1. I log onto host#1.  I am able to copy plain text from a viewer document and paste that text into host#1 document.

2. I log on to host#2.  I cannot cut and paste anything into a WordPad document from viewer machine into WordPad document on host#2.  I can type letters on host#2 and copy and paste them into the same document.

3. Log onto host#3.  Same problem.  

4. No matter how many host machines I bring up, I can usually continue to copy and paste from viewer into host#1.  But I have seen cases wh ere after opening up a second or third host, I can no longer copy and paste from the viewer machine into host#1 either.  So I lose copy/paste functions on all machines.  This clears when I logoff all the hosts and then log back into host#1.

5. Interesting new symptom.  Earlier today when I was testing I found that at some point the enter key would no longer work and create new lines in any of the host documents. Usually when you put the cursor in the middle of a line and hit enter it will break the line and put half of it onto a new line.  This time it wouldn't do it on the host machines. I could type letters into the host documents but the enter key didn't work along with copy/paste not working.

This severely limits the usefulness of remote utilities to me.
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I don't see some popup windows on host and often can't copy and paste from viewer to host

newremoteuser2015, User (Posts: 3)

Apr 10, 2015 11:44:42 am EDT

Support level: Free or trial
Viewer: Dell Optiplex 9010 desktop running Win7 Pro with 16GB RAM Intel I5 and 240GB SSD hard drive attached to lan router via ethernet cable.
Hosts: Both Windows 7 and Windows XP machines.

I'm running into two problems with Remote Utilities free at the highest current level.  I don’t know if they’re related so I’ll describe both here.
1. Copy and paste from viewer to host often doesn’t work.  Doesn’t seem to matter whether the host machine is XP or Win7.  Sometime it does and sometime it doesn’t.  
2. Certain types of popup windows do not show on the viewer monitor.  For instance when I download a file using Firefox on the host.  After a file has downloaded there is a downward arrow on the toolbar.  When I click the downward arrow I should see a list of downloaded files on the viewer screen. The list appears on the host screen but not the viewer screen.

But when I click on the Start button on the host the start screen does appear on the viewer.
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