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Can't connect to a remote PC.

lulu, User (Posts: 5)

Jan 26, 2015 7:38:24 am EST

I found it, I think.

It starts working again yesterday. I dont know why. Maybe beacuse of Host PC restart.
It works for a one day and now I'm back in the same situation like I reported above.

What I did:
I run concurrently move file operation and terminal with long running task using Viewer.
Host PC was disconnected during terminal and move file operation (Unastable Wifi connection).
After 10min or so, host PC get connected to the local network again,
but Viewer did not reconnect and I had to kill its process because it hangs.

Now I'm in the same situation like before - Host is connected to the local RU server, but Viewer is not able to reach the Host.

Host is laptop PC. It can be anytime put to stand by and/or disconnected from wifi network.
How can I get a rid of this situation?

Can't connect to a remote PC.

lulu, User (Posts: 5)

Jan 24, 2015 3:33:03 am EST

Yes I have Viewer Host and RU server on my local network.
Viewer and RU server on the same PC.

I tried to connect using IP address, but result is the same.

Can't connect to a remote PC.

lulu, User (Posts: 5)

Jan 23, 2015 2:13:02 pm EST

I tried to deactivate antivirus protection on my local PC and to turn of firewall. Still no luck.
According to my Host is ok for Avast. The same AV is installed on my host PC.

Communication between host and viewer seems to be working. I can see on the server Active connection list that there is some communication between my and remote PC. See link to RU server screenshot.
There are sent and received bytes. It seems correct to me.

RUServer screenshot

Is there any fallback mechanism when host is not able to reach local RU server, then it try to connect different ( RU server?

Can't connect to a remote PC.

lulu, User (Posts: 5)

Jan 23, 2015 10:17:21 am EST

I enabled event log in my Viewer's options.
It seems like Viewer/RU Server ( is able to connect to Host "K" (, but when connection is estabilished, it is closed immediately:

56:10:16_16-01-2015_882 Connection #861109. Connection to "K". Mode: <Authorization>. Connecting...
56:10:16_16-01-2015_883 InetConnection #861109. Internet connection to K (
57:10:16_16-01-2015_010 InetConnection #861109. Method "Connect" - OK. K connected to ID server:
58:10:16_16-01-2015_586 InetConnection #861109. Connect success. K connected to ID server:
58:10:16_16-01-2015_586 Connection #861109. Connection to "K" established. Mode: <Authorization>.
00:11:16_16-01-2015_322 Context #861109 removed. Mode: <Authorization>.

Is it problem with license? I cannot register my host using viewer because I cannot log into it :(

Can't connect to a remote PC.

lulu, User (Posts: 5)

Jan 23, 2015 9:25:35 am EST

I'm also having connection issues to my remote PC.

I was able to connect to this PC on my network few days ago.
I used it almost every day for about one week or so without issues.
But last 2days I'm not able to connect.
Viewer is reporting my PC as "offline".
When I try to login manually, viewer tries to login (It took more time as when remote PC is really offline), but after few seconds of displaing LOGON status go back to offline.

I'm using local Remote Utilities Server on my local PC. My remote PC (host) is connecting to RU server using internet ID. I'm using Viewer on my local PC (the same PC where RU server is running on).

I can see my remote PC in the RU server idle connection's list. When I turn off remote PC, it dissapear from the list, so remote PC is able to connect my RU server, but Viewer is not able to login.

I'm using the latest version of Viewer and Host, RU server version 2.0
I tried to use Viewer v5 with the same result.
Edited:lulu - Jan 23, 2015 9:26:58 am EST
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