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Can't connect to upgraded win10

Michal Halas, User (Posts: 2)

May 19, 2016 11:05:05 am EDT

Many thanks Conrad,

After manually deleting this registry (right, this key still stay in system after uninstall host) and reinstalation of host, we can connect to customer's pc again.

Maybe an idea for the future development of application:
I don't know if it is a problem or not, I'm not a programmer, but it would be good to delete this registry key in uninstallation process of host.

thank you again

Can't connect to upgraded win10

Michal Halas, User (Posts: 2)

May 19, 2016 4:46:26 am EDT

we have installed a host on dozens of computers. But in every case when customer upgrade older OS to WIN10 (not fresh install, just upgrade) connection to this host cannot be established: when I try to connect - double click on icon, icon display "logging on", but hour-glass dissapear after 5 - 10 seconds.
On fresh install of win10 or any other version of win everything works.

I've searched this forum, found that someone has some problem with viewer after win10 upgrade, or another problem was an older version of host ....... we already try re-install host with latest version etc, but still can't connect.

can you please help? thank you
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