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Local temporary support connection for Workbench PC`s

SWX, User (Posts: 2)

Feb 19, 2014 4:55:54 pm EST

Support level: Free or trial
Thanks for the fast reply.

When the system goes back to the customer after repair RUT needs to be removed. It is solely to control is locally from my PC during the repair.
Does the Viewer get notified or automatically see the newly created PC if I run the one click created installer? I will look into this.

Local temporary support connection for Workbench PC`s

SWX, User (Posts: 2)

Feb 19, 2014 3:18:38 pm EST

Support level: Free or trial
Hi Conrad,

I have just found your site because someone in a thread on a different forum linked to your site in a discussion we were having about software to control pc`s locally.

I am looking for a program where i can locally support my workbench pc`s from 1 PC. We run a repair shop and have multiple pc`s/notebooks coming in and out every day. I want to be able to control all these pc`s from my workstation with a program that has a Thumbnail View of all connected pc`s so i can see which pc needs attention. Your program does look the most promising in pricing and current features but i have a question about connecting the pc`s.

Is it possible to have 1 silent/unattended .exe/.msi file that i can start and that it connects to the RUT Viewer without setting up/creating ID`s at the Viewer PC ? And is it also possible to uninstall it quickly with 1 command or shortcut (my current VNC based solution has a "Stop Support" button which uninstalls all the services and removes the application). And would this be allowed license wise as long as we not have more than 10 pc`s here ?

Thanks for creating this and offering such tools for free even for businesses. Great work.:)

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