Send Ctrl-alt-del not always working

greenseed666 ., User (Posts: 2)

Jan 25, 2014 4:22:09 pm EST

could it be that

Using Free Edition To Replace LogMeIn

greenseed666 ., User (Posts: 2)

Jan 25, 2014 3:59:14 pm EST

As many of you already know Logmein will no longer gave free access to is service.

I am a advance user and as it, i will very often help a friend doing something or fixing something on is computer. I do this for free so it hard for me to pay for a solution but then i found "RemoteUtilities", Awesome tool to remote control desktop and bypass Firewall and NAT-traversal.

I'm currently using a free license to control 14 friends computer, working exactly as planned for the NAT-Traversal with the callback feature. I created, very easily i must say, a auto install executable,  my friend just have to-do 1 click to install the receiver host software.

I do this post in the hope Search engine spider bot will track it and help other user like me find a replacement solution for Logmein, for free or at a low cost in comparison to other similar service.

You can be sure i will push this tool with a commercial license at work ;)

Thanks again for this good tool and letting us using it for FREE :)

Thanks Thanks Thanks and many more thanks will come from my friend i am helping :)

P.S. You should not C...R the word "LOGMEIN" search engine will do the link here and it for you that a big + will come, tips from a SEO expert :)
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