Remote Security > Conformation once only?

Robert Frohreich, User (Posts: 5)

Sep 19, 2019 12:23:05 pm EDT

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Viewer: 6.I0.10.0
W10 pro on both ends

I have several friends and family who occasionally need help.   [censored] worked well until they marked me as a commercial user. RU is working great, except that even though one neighbor gets a balloon and sound notification and the Host icon changer color, when I connect, he wants to give me explicit permission to take control. However, if I set that "Security > Conformation" in the Host Settings, he gets the same conformation request on every restart. A big problem since he normally wants to just leave until I'm done, while I install/uninstall/update things that require a one or more Windows Restarts.

[censored] used to require a Password to connect, but allowed restarts from their menu, and I'd still have control when it restarted.

Any ideas, workarounds, or anything?

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