In the reality of today's business operations, Remote Utilities removes the distance challenge by establishing a seamless connection of a chain of remote computers spread across cities.

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What is Remote Utilities?

Remote Utilities is a remote desktop software you could use to manage your organization's computers spread across different locations around the globe. It achieves this by leveraging a smooth network that allows easy access between the control computer and remote end-user systems.

Remote Utilities is a must-have software solution, particularly in the post-pandemic business world that prioritizes the need for remote working. Aside from viewing the remote desktop, with Remote Utilities, you can:

  • Send keystroke commands.
  • Control the remote mouse pointer.
  • Transfer files across terminals.
  • Shutdown and restart the remote computer when necessary.
  • Chat with an end-user.
  • Edit remote Windows registry as well as manage processes and tasks.
  • Provide on-demand remote support to end-users around the globe.
  • Manage headless or unattended workstations and servers.
  • Use the in-built MSI configurator to customize settings for unattended or attended access.

Why Remote Utilities?

To answer this question, let's look at some of the benefits of the Remote Utilities software.


Remote Utilities software accommodates your desires to adapt it to your needs. With its MSI configurator, the software offers you the luxury of customizing it to suit your unique needs before deployment.


Remote Utilities offers you TLS encryption and security options ranging from 2-factor authentication to IP filtering. In our security overview, you'll find further details of the fortifications of the Remote Utilities software solution.


Remote Utilities is a unique disruption of the one-size-fits-all nature of other remote access software solutions. It offers you flexible options to upgrade or retain your user license. For an affordable price difference, you can always upgrade to a license type that fits your expanding needs at any point in time.

Routing servers

While most remote access software solutions require complex and costly web architecture to establish their networks, Remote Utilities allows you to make direct connections via LAN or VPN with little or no internet access.

In addition, the software offers you the alternative to establish an Internet-ID connection through the Remote Utilities routing servers. These servers grant you remote access to computers over the internet without additional network configuration.

Self-hosted server

Remote Utilities offers you the flexibility to choose between our routing servers or your self-hosted server to establish a remote connection.

No compulsory or conditional upgrade

The idea of Remote Utilities is to increase your choices, and this freedom also applies to our upgrade policy. When you purchase the Remote Utilities license, you own it. It is not a periodic subscription you have to renew to keep the software running.


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