A Look at Modern License Management

Software licensing has changed over the years, with software piracy and other end user situations complicating the distribution of programs. While various digital rights management, or DRM, techniques have come into play, many companies instead opt for the use of floating software licensing and a license manager tool. The use of both can help you to secure your software and also enable remote distribution to many different users in a simple manner.

A Look At Modern License Management

What is a Floating License?

A floating license is a software license that gets shared by many users over a period of time. An authorized user is given a license to use a specific piece of software for a limited time. Upon its expiration, the license holder regains the rights and may issue that particular license to another user. The original user can request a renewal of the original license or a new floating license. You can think of a floating license as similar to a library book, where the license can be checked out and renewed over time. This style of license is extremely useful in corporate environments, since it allows for change in personnel and adaptive needs in the office environment. The license shifts as the needs of the office change.

What is a License Manager?

A license manager is a piece of software that controls where and how a license is able to run. This tool enforces the terms of a given license and helps to detect false licenses obtained through software piracy. License management software can focus on several different licenses, including trial licenses, travel situations, subscriptions, and floating licenses. The software checks several conditions to make sure that all terms of an agreement are being met. Such software is usually necessary in corporations and groups that involve a lot of software sharing as well as companies that might find themselves at risk of piracy. The license manager ensures the consistent use of any given software license.

Specific License Manager Programs

There are several different popular license management software suites that allow you to make use of floating licenses as well as other different forms of protection. Many software companies that provide computer systems have their own license management, so if you run Microsoft programs or have an HP computer system, you might want to check those companies for software that is designed to be compatible with your system. Other third party license management suites include CrypKey, Agilis Software, and Flexera, each of which provide customizable management and flexible installs. You should examine these top brands to make sure that you get the features that are best for your office.

The use of a floating license is especially useful if you have clients or employees who use remote tools, as it can make sure that the use of the software fits the needs of your organization. You should make license management software a top priority, right up there next to virus protection. A good management system is your best way to protect the use of your programs and keep your intellectual property safe.

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Jun 26, 2013 antony-hayes licensing
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