Detected as virus/malware

Ted Clark, User (Posts: 1)

Apr 07, 2017 5:08:14 pm EDT

Downloaded the current version, setup Server on my server, Viewer on my workstation, Agent on a laptop for testing. Windows 10 Defender complained when I tried the MSI Config (which you already know about).
The reason I'm posting is because I came here looking for a program that won't constantly run into AV problems like my current program Ammyy Admin. You want a lot more money for similar functions, but if I'm going to be thwarted occasionally and have to tell my clients "Sorry, my program got deleted, time to install TeamViewer" then it's a fail on my part.

Is this issue with Google and AV companies ever going to be fixed once and for all? Does LogMeIn and TeamViewer have these issues? Why not? Do whatever they're doing because I'd rather pay my money to a small developer than one of them.