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Managing computer IDs in IOS version

Dale Rabic, User (Posts: 1)

Feb 27, 2014 4:31:34 am EST

Firstly, thanks for a great program.  I've just uninstalled  [censored] because it was just too slow!

Having done my research, it seemed like Remote Utilities could do all  [censored] could, and then some! This included an IOS app.

HOWEVER:  [censored] (and LogMeIn) manages its "Address Book" via their central system, based on a userID (or email address). Having installed the IOS app, one simply enters their email address and password and there's their address book - all of the PCs associated with your ID, displayed with MEANINGFUL NAMES (or just Computer Names, which is ok also).

I read that you plan to implement a web-based account system ... Can I presume that this will also display the meaningful computer names, instead of the Internet ID numbers?

Let's face it - it seems like the current IOS app only allows you to store Internet IDs, which basically becomes a "lucky dip" if you have multiple PCs associated with your account.  With all respect, it's almost unworkable - who can remember the Internet ID associated with each associated PC (compared with "Laptop", "Wife's Laptop", "Media Server", "Music Server" etc. etc. or just simply, the actual computer name)?

The benefit of a web-based account system would also remove the need to Export/Import Address Books - whichever computer you run the Viewer on, all your computers are there immediately!

Finally (correct me if I'm wrong), when entering the Internet ID, it seems like it's CaSe sEnSiTiVe.  These IDs are hexadecimal characters (I think), so the A-F's should not be required to be entered in uppercase.

Again, thanks very much.  It seems like you've done all the hard work getting the functionality and speed.  It's just the UI (and management of Hosts) which is surprisingly lacking obvious functionality (with the greatest respect).

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