Feel a new mobile experience by Google Cloud Platform

With more than a billion people crazy about tablets and smartphones, there's a growing demand and a huge opportunity for mobile solutions. Users currently have at their disposal hundreds of thousands of apps, and for mobile developers to succeed, it is vital to come up with engaging, compelling and connected user experiences. This requires a necessity for services or backed components to feed the app with pertinent data, consent to interactions between users, and offer push notifications.

Feel A New Mobile Experience By Google Cloud Platform

By using the Google Cloud Platform one can easily create a backend for their mobile solutions. You could easily decide to start small and hope to eventually get many users or you may already benefit from a sturdy customer base that you'd like to serve via a brand new mobile experience. Either way, there are smart ways you can use to develop a backend that can live up to everyone's expectations and meet the demand. Leverage the Google infrastructure; focus on implementing your app's scenarios, and stop worrying about trivial things such as load balancing or managing machines. Classic demands for compelling mobile experiences consist of:

  • Support for iOS and Android devices via native apps
  • Retrieval, storage, and processing information outside mobile devices
  • Coordinating push notifications for iOS and Android devices
  • Geo-proximity search and geo-location awareness
  • High scalability
  • User authentication

All these requirements are easy to meet when you create your own mobile solutions on the Google Cloud Platform.

Why should anyone choose the Google Cloud Platform?

Google is a multi-national corporation with one of the most advanced computer networks in the world. The backbone of the platform features miles and miles of fiber optic cable; it makes use of advanced software-defined networking and it provides excellent services at a scalable, consistent performance. Innovative infrastructure is not just about hardware. Google has dazzled the world with their ingenious software infrastructure like BigTable, MapReduce, and Dremel. The company is currently moving on to a next level of innovation with products like Flume and Spanner. When someone builds on the Cloud Platform, they get instant access to Google's latest technology innovations.

Build a mobile app with Google Cloud Platform

Create and host the backend for any type of mobile app with Google Cloud Platform. Using an automatically-managed infrastructure, you are free to concentrate on your app. Afterwards, support millions by scaling infinitely, and see for yourself how simple it can be to build up a mobile backend by using the Google Cloud Endpoints. Here are some great benefits for creating mobile apps on the Google Cloud Platform:

  • Automatic loading balance and scaling - you just have to write the code of your app, and the cloud will take care of the rest; it doesn't matter how many users you possess, your needs will be scaled by App Engine
  • Static content serving - the App Engine provides static files from caches and dedicated servers separate from the app servers
  • Data processing - app logs offer insight into backend behavior and app usage; BigQuery permits you to collect real-time ad-hoc examination of log files by assessing data terabytes in seconds
  • Geo-proximity search - leverage the API of the App Engine for geo-proximity search
  • Push notifications - send data to Sockets API and Android users by using the Google Cloud Messaging, and send notices to iOS users.
  • Data storage - the Google Cloud Storage permits users to store files and objects of up to a couple of terabytes by using the simplest REST-based interface.

The Google Cloud Platform has a revolutionary portfolio of cloud computing solutions for its users. You can now develop apps by making use of the mobile app developing tool, or store important files up in the cloud. Cloud Storage is better known as a HTTP service that provides information straight over HTTP. Since most companies and individuals today need to store their data someplace safe, the Google Cloud Platform is the type of services that you need. Get IT support in London, ask a professional if you can't understand the cloud just yet, and Google will be right there to help you build apps and benefit from some of the most pioneering web development tools.

This is a guest post by Davis Miller and Conosco.com

Jul 23, 2014 Conrad mobile
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