Single Control Panel

Use the Viewer to manage all your remote connections in one place. You can set individual properties for each remote connection. Live thumbnails give you a quick overview of what is happening on the remote screen.

Viewer is free and can be installed and used on any number of computers.

Tabbed Interface

Open multiple remote screens in a tabbed browser-like interface. You can establish as many connections to different remote computers as you need. There is no limit on the number of simultaneous sessions from one PC.

Host Module for 24/7 Unattended Access

The Host requires installation on the remote PC. It is more versatile than the Agent (see below) in that it can be used both for attended and unattended access.

Since the Host runs as a service, the remote user’s presence is not necessary.

Agent Module for Spontaneous Support

Ask your remote partner to run the Agent and tell you the ID and password shown in the Agent window. You can then connect to their PC using that ID and password.

The Agent can be customized with your logo and welcome text.

Secure File Transfer

Use the File Transfer mode to quickly transfer files to a remote PC. You can open multiple remote PCs in a single File Transfer window and copy/move files between two remote PCs.

Power Options

Perform a variety of tasks related to power control. Apart from restarting or shutting down the remote PC, you can also turn the remote monitor on and off and restart the remote computer in safe mode with networking.