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Free for business use on 10 remote PCs

LAN and Internet Based
Remote Administration

  • Free for business use on up to 10 remote PCs
  • Per administrator and per remote PC licensing
  • Lifetime license — no recurring billing
  • Unattended and attended remote access
  • All-unlimited site license

Download Remote Utilities

Unleash the full power of professional remote desktop software by installing Remote Utilities across your entire Windows network. Remote Utilities provides built-in tools for easy network deployment. You will be able to administer thousands of remote PCs in minutes.

  • Active Directory Authentication — Log into Remote Utilities using Active Directory accounts
  • Built-in MSI configuration tool — Pre-configure the Remote Utilities installer file before distributing it across the network
  • Built-in Remote Install tool — Use our remote deployment tool to install or upgrade Remote Utilities on all network PCs
  • Connect using a local IP address or DNS name — Direct connection to your network PCs
  • Lifetime license + Free 1 year major upgrades

Remote Access

Work in 16 different connection modes including full control, file transfer, text or voice chat, remote task manager and power control.

Firewall bypass

Gain remote access to a PC located behind a firewall or a router. Easy set up and fast speed even with a slow Internet connection.

Ad Hoc Support

Connect with the no-installation zero-configuration remote host executable that doesn't require administrative privileges.

Own Server

Get your own mediation server to bypass firewalls and be completely independent from our global servers, for free.

MSI Configuration

Remote Utilities features an extended MSI configuration tool. You can customize the installation file before deployment.

Remote installation

Use the built-in remote deployment tool to install or update Remote Utilities on a LAN for secure remote desktop access.


After researching many remote software solutions, I recently decided to purchase Remote Utilities software.  I...
- B Einess, Nelson Numeric, Inc.

For power users, there's plenty to like about Remote Utilities. Several connection modes are offered beyond the full...
- PC World

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