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Remote Utilities 5.1 has been released!


Dear Users,

We are releasing the new version 5.1 of Remote Utilities today. This version has been long awaited – because of the new features promised and a few 5.0 bugs that had to be fixed. We were guided by your wishes and the suggestions that we received both before and after we started work on this new version. We were able to implement most of your wishes in version 5.1, others will go into version 5.2.

There are three places on the site where you can find more information about the new features and discuss them with your fellow users:

We promised you that we’d implement most of your suggestions and that the upgrade would be free – now we are delivering on our promises. This new release has been thoroughly beta-tested in one of our local markets - Russia. Our Russian users’ eagerness to help in finding bugs, as well as their patience, made the beta-testing stage productive and quick. In fact, there were three beta versions and one release candidate in Russia before the final release to the global market. Thank you, Russians!

If you find any bugs in this new version – and we know that you may because no developer in the world can guarantee their software to be 100% bug-free – don’t hesitate to let us know. What we can guarantee is that we’ll work to fix the bugs and help you as quickly as possible.

There’s always more to a product than simply its code or the interface. What counts is how it helps you solve your specific problem and where it shines for you personally or for your business.

Best luck to you and your business endeavors!

Remote Utilities Team

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