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In the light of recent discontinuation of the free license for business use of one of the prominent remote desktop software vendors we decided that we should extend our free offering to cover not only home users, but also businesses.

The new free license replaces the license previously offered for free. Changes to the new free license include the following:

  • We will lift all feature limitations from the free license.
  • We will extend the scope of the license so that it can also be used in business.
  • We limit the number of remote computers to 10.
  • Each person or business is entitled to only one free license (one product key for 10 remote PCs).
  • You can use the free license both at home and in business, no strings attached.

As you can see, whether you use the license at home or in business, you have 10 remote PCs to register for free. Of course, we honor the previously generated free licenses (coded “RUT-F…”), and you are free to use them under the earlier terms and conditions.

If you need to manage more than 10 remote PCs or if you need unlimited remote installations and “per administrator” licensing, we invite you to consider our paid licenses, per remote PC and per operator, respectively.

The free license cannot be combined with a paid license. You can use the free license for up to 10 remote PCs at absolutely no cost. However, if you need to manage more than 10 remote computers, you need a commercial license to fully replace your free license. In other words, you cannot use free and paid license at the same time. Please, refer to our Licensing page for more information.

Remote Utilities Team

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