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What is a monitor driver?

The monitor driver is no longer used in Remote Utilities starting from version 6.12 Beta 2 and later.


There is an option to install a monitor driver during Host installation? Should I use it?


The monitor driver is only needed for the blank remote screen feature. This feature can be enabled in connection properties for each individual connection in your address book:

Blank host screen

After the installation the driver can be seen in your Windows device list:

Monitor driver installed

If you do not use the blank remote screen feature, you do NOT need to install the driver.

How to uninstall the driver

Using Host setttings

Open Settings for Host, navigate to Driver and click Uninstall:

Uninstall monitor driver

Using command line parameters

Use the /dispuninstall parameter to uninstall the monitor driver through the command line. See the complete list of command line parameters for the Host.

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