[resolved] Remote Camera Warning Message
Attention! Video Surveilance is Activated!

quachj34, User (Posts: 1)

Apr 18, 2012 1:15:20 pm EDT

I agree with John. If a User decides to purchase your software, the User should be allowed to use any of the features at their discretion. Admin you mentioned that by doing so may lead to "Bad things." I feel that by doing so may also lead to positive things as well. I am a father of two, and since I work long hours I had to put my kids under the caretaker of a nanny. I have been searching for a program with surveillance features that was easy to use. I have had a bad experience with my 2 year old with a nanny when I discovered that my child was afraid for reasons I do not want to discuss here.

I feel that instead of making the decisions for the Customer let them decide how they choose to use your software. I would like to suggest a terms and condition check if the User decides to turn off that feature so that Remote Utilities is not responsible. I guess I need to search elsewhere for a program that fits my needs.  Thank you for your time.