[ Closed ] Address book sync via RU Server

Conrad Sallian, Support (Posts: 2419)

Nov 27, 2014 4:13:24 am EST

Remote Utilities is now capable of syncing its address book via the Remote Utilities Server (RU-Server for short, formerly "GMS"). In order to use this feature you need Remote Utilities version 6.0 [beta or final release] and the updated version of RU Server (version 2.0 and higher).

Here is how the sync works:

1. First enable synchronization in the RU Server File -> Address Book Settings. The password here also acts as a passphrase, i.e. it is used to encrypt the address book.  

Note the Upload address book button. Use it when you want to "force"-replace the synced address book on the RU Server and all Viewers that sync through it. However, if you already have an address book in your Viewer and just need to start syncing it via the  RU Server, you don't need that button. In this case your address book will be uploaded to the RU Server at first sync.

2. In the Viewer, go to Tools -> Address Book Manager, create a new address book and enable sync on the Online synchronization tab. Specify the IP address or DNS name of your RU Server installation and add password for added security.

Important: A single instance of the RU server can only keep/sync one address book. For example, if you have three address books in your Viewer and enable address book synchronization for all of them through the same RU server, all three address books will get identical. That is, each alteration in one of them will be immediately reflected in the two others (because they copy the contents of the same address book from the RU-Server). To avoid that, make sure that in your Viewer you have only one address book that syncs via a given RU Server.

However, you can sync different address books through different RU servers. Let's assume your organization has two departments. Each department has its own RU Server and its own address book. So you can create two address books in your Viewer (one for each department) and sync each one of them through its corresponding RU Server.  Thus you'll have two address books in your Viewer that sync via two different RU-Servers.

Feel free to post your feedback regarding this feature in this thread.

Conrad Sallian, Support (Posts: 2419)

Dec 03, 2014 1:25:59 pm EST

Let me elaborate more on this feature so that you understand it better.

Let's say we have three Viewers and a RU-Server and we want to share/sync a specific address book among all three Viewers. Now, after you created your address book in one of the Viewers and allowed online sync (in address book settings in the Viewer and on the RU Server) your address book gets uploaded to the RU Server immediately.

After that you need to "plug in" the other two Viewers to the sync process by simply creating an empty address book on them and allowing online sync in the address book settings. When you are done, the other two Viewers download the address book from the RU Server.

Now you have four address book copies (xml files) - on each of the three Viewers and on the RU Server. Whenever a new record or any other alteration occurs in one of the Viewers, all other copies get immediately updated using RU Server as an intermediary. Provided that you have working network connection, all address books will be in sync.

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