Remote camera

Remote Camera connection mode allows you to connect to video capturing devices (a web-camera, a TV tuner card etc.) and audio devices (such as a microphone). You can view video and listen to audio and save/record the data to a file.

Starting Remote Camera mode

  1. Select a connection in the address book
  2. Click Remote Webcam mode on the General tab (the modes panel is expandable): Remote Webcam mode button on the Viewer toolbar
  3. The Remote Camera window will open: Remote Camera mode window
  4. Click Play ( ) on the toolbar to start capturing the remote image.


The toolbar has the following buttons:

Connect button

Connect - click this button if the connection has been lost and you need to reconnect

Play button

Play - start capturing the video

Stop button

Stop - stop capturing the video

Camera enable button

Camera - enable/disable video capture. The minus sign on the button means that the video capturing is disabled

Microphone enable button

Microphone - enable/disable sound capture. The minus sign on the button means that the sound capturing is disabled

Stretch image button

Stretch image - stretch the image to fit the Remote Camera window

Settings button

Settings - open the mode settings


To open the settings click the wrench icon ( Settings button ) on the Remote Camera window toolbar. The Settings window will open:

Remote Camera mode settings
  • Active - enable/disable video/audio capture
  • Device - select video/audio device on the remote PC
  • Quality - video quality from very low to very high (selecting lower quality improves performance)
  • Sync frequency - sync frequency. 'Auto' is recommended.
  • Save as default - save the selected options as default for all Remote Camera connections